What materials do you work with?

There are several types of material we work with depending on what is most suitable for your requirements.  Corrugated cardboard is our main raw material, from the thin N and E flute grades right up to the heavy duty triple kraft grades.  We do supply packaging in acid free paper, mainly for archival use.  We also convert plastic material in the form of correx / corriboard and priplak.

Are there any other types of material you would work with?

Yes, if we can convert it on our machines we are always willing to try new materials and applications for them.

What is your minimum order quantity?

One!  We do make one-offs for customers and slightly larger quantities on a regular basis.  Our typical order quantities range from 10 or 20 up to several thousand depending on sizes, material and print requirements.

Is the environment taken seriously at Caledonian Packaging?

Yes, we believe the paper industry provides a valuable positive contribution to the environment.  We have an Environmental Management System that is audited to ISO 14001 as our way of demonstrating our commitment to the environment.  For broader information on the paper industry go to the Confederation of Paper Industries information section http://www.paper.org.uk/information/pages/information.html

How far do you deliver?

Using our own transport, we deliver to customers stretching from North Cumbria, through Glasgow and the Central Belt to Fife, Dundee and Aberdeen.  For those customers further afield we use a haulier.  There are regular drops to Northern Ireland, South West of England, Wales and the Scottish Islands.

What format of artwork do you require?

Pretty much anything that you have.  However our preference is for artwork created in Illustrator or similar.  We also work closely with graphic designer, who is able to work with a scribble on the back of an envelope if necessary.

What print can you do?

Currently we have two flexographic printers that print onto corrugated cardboard sheets.  We also have longstanding relationships with a lithographic printer, screen printers and digital printers.  The last one has opened up the opportunity to do short runs of high quality images on the packaging.

Do you trade under any other name?

No, we are and always will be Caledonian Packaging.  However we are often known as Caley Pack or CalPack.

Where can I find your blog?

At present we are too busy making boxes to help our customers protect, promote and present their products to their customers.  However we are working on making time available for our literary thoughts to hit your screen.  Please let us know what you would like to read about in future blogs.

Is the use of paper good for the environment?

We believe so and would point you to the CPI information page http://www.paper.org.uk/information/pages/information.html to see some of the facts and figures about the paper industry.

What sectors do you supply into?

We do or have supplied packaging into virtually every industrial sector that require packaging.  Including, but not exclusively archival storage, bioscience, electronics, spirits and brewing, food, sportswear, sports equipment, agricultural, chilled packaging, electrical switchgear, bulk chemicals, PCB manufacturers, engineering fabricators, funeral services, art  galleries, medical, publishing, oil and gas, education and further education, sound systems.  These are just some of the sectors we supply into.

What type of business is your typical customer?

Hmmm, everything from multinational corporations to SMEs, to sole operator businesses.  We believe we treat all customers the same regardless of their size.